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TV Advertising Solutions

TV advertising reaches mass audiences. There's no better way to deliver your message to large groups of people identified as your target demographic. SPOT offers your small business a competitive advertising solution.

Targeting Your Market

Advertising is worthless if you are not effectively reaching your customers. SPOT identifies your market and determines how and when to communicate with them. With this knowledge, we can strategically place your commercial.

Creative & Innovative Approach

We have access to a library of stock footage containing more than 30,000 scenes [with and without talent]. Using this resource, we have creatively applied this footage to a variety of businesses, executing memorable brand communications with quality commercials.

There is no denying the increase in digital media and marketing. It’s here, it’s growing, and we won’t deny it’s effective. But do you really think that the emotional attachment you have to your TV can be replaced with your computer? We’re inclined to say no. After all Netflix is great, but there’s nothing like the immediate gratification of watching a show the night it comes out. Timeliness just can’t be beat. For example, after the tragic death of Cory Monteith, the Glee tribute episode attracted 7.4 million viewers.  Numbers like this just can’t be replicated by the internet, and while anyone could have watched it later on a slew of online sites it just doesn’t provoke the same emotions. TV creates a connection with the viewer, and creates a community out of the viewers as a whole. Even though Friends aired before the online viewing generation, I am inclined to think that avid viewers would still have gathered together on Thursday nights to see the newest drama between Ross and Rachel or current insane obsession of Monica’s. We are so focused on being efficient, that sometimes we forget to remember why we do things. So when people say TV advertising and TV has become passé, just ask them the last time a Hulu episode was watched by 7.4 million viewers at the same time.

Your long term relationship with TV


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SPOT offers an affordable option for local businesses to effectively advertise on television without committing to a long-term contract or the costly expenses of a traditional advertising firm. Once we have identified your market's demographics, SPOT can determine how ... Read More »